Running InfiniteWP with Openlitespeed or Litespeed and Timeout Issues

This is a quick tidbit if you’re running InfiniteWP on Openlitespeed or Litespeed. I currently use Cyberpanel which you have the option to use Openlitespeed or Litespeed.

You might suffer from timeout issues with InfiniteWP when running it under Openlitespeed or Litespeed. Here’s a screenshot, as you can see a majority of the sites failed and resulted in simply “Timeout”.

After talking with the InfiniteWP developers, there’s an easy fix which I should have looked at before reaching out to them. You can specify the timeout for Litespeed via a .htaccess file. Here’s the article and code.


I’ve implemented this on my setup, so we shall wait and see if it fixes anything. Hope this helps!

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